La Lección del Sabio, 2019 - Oil on Canvas

UPCOMING EXHIBITION OF ERIC ALFARO IN KEY WEST, FL, 2019 "90 miles from Havana", May 03 - July 26, 2019 New Cuban Art Exhibition in Key West. Separated for more than 90 miles, the serene and calm waters, and sometimes turbolent and dangerous, between Havana and Key West, arouse fascination for what can be discovered on the other side. For decades, Cuban artists have been inspired by the charm of Key West and the keys of Florida. With a beautiful history marked by more than 150 years. Collective Exhibition that will have the participation the Esteban Machado, Yeilem Barzaga and Eric Alfaro.Organized by the Florida Council of the Arts and the Curator and promoter of Cuban art Alaen Ledesma Fermandez.

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